How Pretty Grafik Makes Printables Fun

A collage of images taken from an activity book about dogs

In this post, we’ll dive into how one download product can become many ideas when it’s eye-catching. Your download could be a complete product you’d like to add to your store, such as a 20-page book or perhaps several 1-page gifts for your subscribers! There are three parts to this post How to make your […]

How to Make a Freebie the Fast Way

Add a pop of color showing how color makes a download more eye-catching

Let’s create a small yet helpful Freebie, Thank You, or Bonus gift that’s also easy for you to make. Your free download could be something sent with your newsletter or designed for your post to catch the attention of new subscribers.Creating your printable should be a fun part of your blogging business, even when it’s […]

How Video Helps Your Blogging Business

A collage of eggplant images from a recipe with the words VIDEO and PHOTOGRAPHY on the side

How Canva and Loom Video help your blogging business When you start a blog, sometimes the last thing on your mind is software tools.Or, maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed to learn, ‘yet another thing.’This post will show how a little creative video can go a long way, and hopefully, give you a dash of inspiration as […]