DIY Peeled Tomatoes Recipe

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Introducing our DIY Peeled Tomatoes recipe pack

DIY Peeled Tomatoes is an evergreen recipe, meaning you can use this on your website year-round

With these photos and the recipe you’ll be able to walk your readers through the steps and show them the final results: a tasty, healthy oil-free salad idea.
Included are several angles and shots to choose from, including the important ice bath to rapid-cool a tomato and prevent it from stewing.

As the tomato is cool, peeling away the skin makes a fabulous kid-friendly activity.

An easy kitchen tip like this one is essential for food and health-related blogs as many sauce and salad recipes use tomatoes.   

A group of photos from the DIY Peeled Tomatoes recipe pack

Here's what's inside:

  • The complete recipe
  • 30 original in-process images
  • 1 photo from our popular Fresh Tomato Herb Salad recipe pack to show a plated idea
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25 of the 30 images

Take a peek inside for more:

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A group of five photos from the recipe pack
A photo of my Nikon camera beside the DIY Peeled Tomatoes recipe in-process photo shoot.


ALL photos on this page have been shot in either horizontal or vertical mode.

Some images have been cropped to fit the template or to highlight a feature from that photo.
This is done for demonstration purposes.

5 images fanned out from the DIY Peeled Tomatoes recipe pack

Use our Fresh Tomato Herb Salad recipe pack to show how peeling your own tomatoes is an essential kitchen tip you can use every time.
We’ve combined easy-to-find, tasty kitchen ingredients such as fresh peeled tomatoes, fresh herbs, feta cheese, and balsamic vinegar, to make an oil-free, NO salad-dressing salad mouth-watering recipe.