Flourless Black Bean Brownies

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A collage of images from the Flourless Black Bean Brownies recipe pack

Introducing our Flourless Black Bean Brownies recipe pack

Flourless Black Bean Brownies are delicious in every way possible! 
Taste and texture are key to a ‘best brownie’ recipe and this one hits the mark on both these. 
Each mouth-watering bite has just the right amount of sweetness and moisture with a chewy top yet soft inside.

They make an amazing healthy brunch or dessert dish. 
You could also grab a treat for your next snack or lunch box treat. 

What I love about this recipe is, these brownies are so easy to make and a great way to sneak a little extra protein and fiber in our diets. 

These brownies look gorgeous served on their own beside a little fresh fruit.
You could also drizzle gently warmed cinnamon vanilla sauce over each one, adding your favorite fresh berry or sprig of mint leaf for garnish.

With these photos and the recipe you’ll be able to walk your readers through the steps and show them this is an extra-special dish, perfect for anyone on low-gluten, or high-fiber diets.


5 photos of the Flourless Black Bean Brownie recipe pack

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10 of the 12 images from the recipe pack
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We suggest a gluten-free cinnamon vanilla sauce as the perfect companion to the brownies, or serve with seasonal fresh berries.

Cinnamon Vanilla Sauce [Gluten-Free] is delicious with this recipe

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5 photos of the Flourless Black Bean Brownie recipe pack

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Recipe (12 images)

Recipe PLUS (156 images, 2 video)

5 photos of the Flourless Black Bean Brownie recipe pack