Gingerbread Chocolate Charcuterie Board

A variety of gingerbread cookies already decorated
An assortment of photos from the recipe pack showing gingerbread cookies on a charcuterie board
Use yogurt coated raisins or almonds for the Christmas tree.

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A birds eye view of the ingredients for baking gingerbread cookies
A selection of images showing both in-process and plated photos for the gingerbread cookies
Gingerbread dough once it's out of the fridge, ready to roll.

Gingerbread Chocolate Charcuterie Board is a collection of THREE recipes to help create a festive tray.

  1. Gingerbread cookie recipe
  2. Fondant recipe for your decorations
  3. Icing recipe to glue on your decorations and sprinkles

The highlight of the charcuterie board is the spectacular gingerbread cookie recipe.
A big crunch complements soft marshmallows and lots of spices help each bite taste satisfying. 

The reason we made more spice ingredients was so the flavors weren’t lost on smaller shapes.
You want delicious hints of spices just like a big cookie has.


6 Images from the recipe pack showing both in-process and plated parts of the recipe.

I love this recipe because:

  • You can make Santa and his reindeer personal cookies at the same time. Set them aside for Christmas eve.
  • The cookies taste delicious, even without decorations.
  • The spice blend gives each cookie bold flavors.
  • You can use the easy fondant recipe year-round for other cookie recipes.
  • The possibilities are endless when you build your charcuterie board.
  • So many parts of this recipe are kid-friendly making it perfect for a family project with parents or grandparents.
  • Everything is edible, including the ink on each marshmallow!

this is an ideal recipe to introduce young chefs into the kitchen. 

Hang your gingerbread shapes on mugs for a fresh look

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  • the complete and original, kitchen-tested recipe 
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  • 2 themed Word Search [1 easy, 1 hard]

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Recipe PLUS


  • the complete and original, kitchen-tested recipe 
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  • 2 Sudoku
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  • 4 themed Word Search [1 easy, 3 hard]

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7 images available in the regular recipe pack
Recipe pack: 7 in-process and plated images
27 of the 43 images available in the PLUS recipe pack
Recipe PLUS pack: 27 of the 43 in-process and plated images
Gingerbread cookies in various decorated areas

Activities include:

Mazes, Sudoku, and Word search. 

A spread of 5 activities included in the recipe/

Peek inside to see more:

In-process photo showing the dough being mixed.

Some images have been cropped to fit the template or highlight a feature from that photo.
This is done for demonstration purposes.

Whole cloves spread out on a counter form a measuring spoon

Recipe (7 images, 4 activities)

Recipe PLUS (43 images, 9 activities)

Close up of a Gingerbread Chocolate Charcuterie Board