How DFY Recipes works:

Outsource your food content so you can focus on what’s important – your readers.

Step 1:
Decide on your original, kitchen-tested recipe and choose the size pack you need.

Each pack always contains:

  • the complete recipe(s)
  • images in a zipped folder
  • your PLR license

Step 2:
You’ll receive an email confirming your purchase and the download link.

As well, you may download your recipes from our membership area at any time.

Once purchased, the recipe and content do not expire. 

 Step 3:
We’ll send a courtesy email when new content is available so you won’t ever miss out.

Photo examples from our recipe packs:

A sample of photos found in the recipe pack Fresh Tomato Herb Salad
Fresh Tomato Herb Salad
Sample of photos from Oxtail Soup for Pets recipe
Oxtail Vegetable Soup for Pets
A sample of photos taken from the Lemon Marinated Pork with Orange Sauce recipe pack
Lemon-marinated Pork with Orange Sauce


Is this known as PLR -Private Label Content?

Yes, it is.

Every recipe comes with an agreement that states what you can, and can not do, with the content.   

In summary; you can use the purchased content as your own, including making freebies, recipe books, journals, planners and in your blog posts and social media.
You may not re-sell the content as your own PLR. 

How will my post differ from others who bought the same recipe?

We designed each recipe in two different sizes packs. Each pack has the same recipe while the PLUS pack has more images to help make your post unique. 
By sprinkling your favorite photos within the post or focusing on a key ingredient with your story, your recipe will differ from everyone else.

Can I choose all vegetarian recipes?

You sure can!
We don’t bundle recipes for that reason.

As a blogger, you already know what your readers prefer or what your blog needs more of.

So, making you buy a bundle which includes a meat recipe is a waste when you can’t use it.


5 vertical photos of the Eggplant Tomato Ragout recipe pack


Our recipes

  • are created in a Word document giving you quick and easy copy-paste ability.
  • You’ll get a brief introduction to the recipe, however, your post still needs a story that makes the recipe personal for your readers.

Our images

  • are always a combination of in-process and final plated photos. This number varies per recipe but tends to be related to the number of steps or ingredients involved.
  • We try to include as many angles as possible in the PLUS pack so you have lots to choose from and still remain unique.
  • All photos have been edited and compressed, ready for uploading to your website and social media platforms.

    We’d love
  • if you imported images to other software such as Canva or PowerPoint for even more product creation such as journals, planners, recipe books, grocery or pantry lists, etc.
5 photos of the Ginger-Peppercorn Drizzled Grapefruit recipe pack
3 photos of the ingredients and brownies once they've been baked
a spread of 5 images taken from the Lemon-marinated Pork with Orange Sauce