In this post, we’ll dive into how one download product can become many ideas when it’s eye-catching.

Your download could be a complete product you’d like to add to your store, such as a 20-page book or perhaps several 1-page gifts for your subscribers!

There are three parts to this post

  1. How to make your printable eye-catching
  2. From 1 image to 3 book covers
  3. Having fun with your products

This post talks about using Pretty Grafik along with Canva once your base product is created.
If you’re considering Pretty Grafik, I suggest picking up a lifetime subscription and you’ll learn why later.

Get your free Canva account when you sign up here.

I also used Authority ECover to make the various book covers and the bag you see in this post. It’s easy software to use.

Looking for fun graphics

Once you begin designing printables for downloading from your blog post or store, the fun begins.
The boxes and lines, headings, and frames are done, maybe in PowerPoint or Canva, and it’s time to add color, inspiration, and joy to your creation.

Not only do you need reliable companies who support you with their commercial licenses but they should also have a wide variety of images to choose from that you like.

Go from pages you've created to a 34-page activity book

My Dog Book Woof, cover in white bones on teal background
My Dog Book - Woof, Belongs To page with a bone and paw prints
A page for your name
A page with a dog in a bath at a camp site for the downloadable book, My Dog Book Woof
End cover
3 pages from My Dog Book Woof

How to make your printable eye-catching

Even if you have limited graphic skills, software today makes it easy to create a fun-looking downloadable for your website or blog post. 

One of the graphic companies I use is Pretty Grafik and I love them.
Pretty Grafik has a certain feel to their art that’s unique from other companies I use.

Why I don’t use Pretty Grafik all the time
When you’re making download printables, your store needs variety that appeals to more customers, hence you need more than one go-to graphics company.
I also found it takes a while to find your ‘signature look’ with printables, another reason to have access to different companies.

Here are a few questions I ask when exploring companies, that may help you.
What style and look do you prefer in your graphics?
Does this company have a lot of choices that work with your overall branding?
Do you want to add coloring activities?
Do you want to stay with only recipe journals, lists, and planners, or branch out?

Once you’ve found enough graphics to have a consistent look, creating your product is a dream.

For this post, I designed and created a kid-friendly activity book, My Dog Book – Woof which is now for sale in Whole Food Studio on the post, Finding Great Gift Ideas For Your Dog’s Birthday. 

NOTE: I also linked this product to my dog recipe, Healthy Homemade Dog Treats post.

A collection of some mazes available in the activity book My Dog Book - Woof

Why I bought Pretty Grafik's lifetime access license

A complete license allows me to use everything and anything they have rather than buying what I might need each time.
This can add up to a fair bit of money, especially if you prefer different graphics on each page.

For example, to make this 34-page, My Dog Book – Woof, I used graphics from 9 different packs.
Designing just the cover, took 3 different packs.

For me, it makes sense to not worry about spending more money on graphics while I’m in that creative zone.
I’d much prefer to stay creative and quickly find something I need . . . like trees.

A collage of 3 pages from the activity book

From 1 image to 3 book covers

Cover of My Dog Book - Woof!
3 soft covers of the same book, My Dog Book Woof
My Dog Book - Woof! as a 3D lightly curled book cover

Once my end product is made, I’m using more software to generate 3D book covers.
These were created using Ecover Authority and I was able to design them quickly and easily.

As you can see, any one of them would look fantastic in posts you create too.

The download is now available to buy in my post at Whole Food Studio.

Having fun with your products!

My Dog Book Woof is now a paper bag
Made using Ecover Authority software

It’s exciting when you have a product that looks great – even unique enough to try it out as a matching paper bag!

What you could then do is take both images back to Canva and combine them with a hand and call-to-action like the one below.

Hand dropping book into bag

As you can see, one creative product can become many.

And along the way, I always return to Canva to further design my post images.

The ‘Get Yours Now’ graphic above is a combination of Ecover Authority and Canva software.

You might be inspired to even open an Etsy store with your download products, generating multiple streams of income.

Cover of My Dog Book - Woof!
Made with software from Ecover Authority

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