Let’s create a small yet helpful Freebie, Thank You, or Bonus gift that’s also easy for you to make.

Your free download could be something sent with your newsletter or designed for your post to catch the attention of new subscribers.
Creating your printable should be a fun part of your blogging business, even when it’s essential.

There are three parts to this post:

  1. How to make a printable
  2. How your new printable becomes a template
  3. How to make a poster that announces your amazing printable

Note:  certain features in this article are only available in the Canva PRO account.
If you are considering Canva, get your free account when you sign up here.

Yay! Your post is published. . . now what?

Sending your post out into the big wide world is always an exciting moment.
After agonizing over what to say, checking for spelling mistakes, formatting paragraphs, and adding images, it’s time to hit the ‘PUBLISH’ button.
On the count of three – one, two, three!

Phew! It feels like, after all that hard work,  you’re finally done . . .  except you aren’t.
As soon as your post is up and ready for eager eyes, it’s time to let your fans know what you’ve created.
One way is by sending out a newsletter to your subscribers, perhaps with a value-added treat you’ve made that they can download and use.

For this post example, I’ll show you how to make a printable grocery list that would work with your DIY Peeled Tomato recipe pack.

Add a pop of color showing how color makes a download more eye-catching

How to make a printable

What’s important to remember is that there are TWO parts to creating a freebie.

There is the actual download product your reader gets in the end, and then there’s the eye-catching billboard poster you hang up for everyone to see.

The best way to make both of these is with software tools that are easy to use.
My secret trick to making freebies is . . . Canva.

With the PRO account, you have access to thousands of templates that take care of that blank page ‘uh-oh’ feeling when you begin.
Simply change the colors, and fonts, then play with some images or graphics and you’ll have a freebie done in no time. (Not to mention your confidence will be sky-high.)

Below are two examples made using Canva with the same template.
The graphics are part of Canva’s subscription and the images are from our DIY Peeled Tomato recipe pack.

Remember, with our commercial license you may use the images as your own.

An image of a grocery shopping list as a free download which has tomato graphics from Canva
Using Canva graphics
Using DFY Recipe images

Designing your grocery list from a template

This may seem backward as everyone sees the poster first, then the end product second, however, it’s easiest to work in the opposite direction.
Once your end-product is made it’s super-fast to make the poster.
Let’s go!

If you have the PRO account, search through one of Canva’s templates.
To do this, I typed ‘Grocery List’ in my search.

Once you find one that feels similar to the look you want, create a folder in your account that you’ve designated for your templates and save it.

Now you’ll want to:

  1. Change the paper size to Letter (8.5×11)
  2. Remove graphics from the original template you don’t need
  3. Drag all remaining elements – lines and checkboxes, etc- and background paper to fit the page
  4. Change the font style and size
  5. Change the background color to your own using your brand kit -yes, another PRO account feature
  6. Search for tomato graphics from within Canva. Add and resize to suit you.
  7. include your already-designed logo. If you don’t have one, Canva has a logo-maker as part of their PRO account
  8. Download your newly made printable as a PDF

Now let’s make that same printable for anyone who only uses A4 paper.

  1. Click on the RESIZE button and choose A4 paper size. (This is an amazing time-saving PRO account feature)
  2. Move the font and graphics to a similar alignment.
  3. Download your A4 printable as a PDF

In less than 45 minutes, you’ll have designed and created one product for two markets.


  1. If possible, offer both Letter and A4 paper sizes as your downloads.  Readers outside of North America will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  2. It’s best to download your projects as PDF files for the higher quality print capability.

How your new printable becomes a template

Before adding your gift to the next newsletter there are two more things to do.
The first is making your project a template so you can reuse it, and the next is making a poster.

With the steps already above, making your NEXT freebie just got easier and faster with a template.
As almost everything is practically done, this is where you’ll save some serious time!

Here’s what you do for your next Grocery List printable in the future:

  1. Find your original saved design in your Canva account and make a copy
  2. Rename your new project and save it in a new folder in your account
  3. Change your images to match the next recipe
  4. Like before, download your new freebie as a PDF before touching the ‘RESIZE’ button
  5. On the new size, tweak any image or graphic positions for better alignment
  6. Download the new paper size printable, again as a PDF.

How to make a poster that announces your amazing printable

Everyone loves the surprise of a gift, so let’s see how we make this next important part. 

Making your printable irresistable

To make the images you see above, you’ll need to use another template, however, once it’s made and if you love it, you can reuse this over and over as well.


  1. Find your newly created project and download it again, this time as a jpg (not a PDF as before) 
  2. Upload the jpg back into your Canva folder as you now need an image 
  3. Search for a blog graphic template, or make your own from scratch (I used a template and the size was 800×1200 px)
  4. Delete any images from the template you don’t want as you’ll replace them with your own (I kept the lower shadow)
  5. Click on your new image so it moves to the template
  6. Drag and re-size the image to fit
  7. Change any font colors, style, and size, deleting what you don’t need
  8. Add any helpful instructions [Download for A4 paper]
  9. Include an eye-catching call-to-action [Grab your freebie]
  10. Download and save your new design as a jpg  
  11. Upload the newly designed poster image to your website media library files.
  12. Insert your poster image in a post or newsletter, just like I’ve done here.

Congratulations – you did it!

We hope you enjoy learning these new blogging tips. Want more? 
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