How Canva and Loom Video help your blogging business

When you start a blog, sometimes the last thing on your mind is software tools.
Or, maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed to learn, ‘yet another thing.’
This post will show how a little creative video can go a long way, and hopefully, give you a dash of inspiration as well.

I’m not sure about you, but when I’m reading a post, I can sense the owner is passionate about what they do.
They’ve taken time to ‘chat,’ and use images I can relate to.
I leave feeling excited to try this because they’ve taken some of the mystery and guesswork out and shown me, I can do this! 

Ginger-Peppercorn Drizzled Grapefruit photos from the recipe pack
I geek out over easy ways to make blogging more interesting and eye-catching.

Why keeping your blog content unique is important

Keeping your blog content unique can be a challenge with so many other mouth-watering recipes readily available for readers.

One way to catch some of that attention is by standing out from the crowd with amazing photos.
Another is with easy recipes that use wholesome ingredients readers can find in their favorite store.

Combine these two and for sure, you’ll have fans.
As you know, a recipe is a recipe, but what makes a recipe unique is how you present the experience to your reader.

Let’s explore how you can give your blog the attention it deserves with these few tips.

Making your images unique

Thankfully technology lends a big, helping hand in this area.

Making images unique isn’t difficult but it does take a little effort and time.
The best thing about healthy recipes is that the ingredients look naturally fantastic in a photo, giving you a great head start.

I like to crop an image, finding a section in the photo that highlights the story I want to tell. 
For example, if my post is about a popular kitchen hack; how to peel your own tomatoes, I use photos (above) that show both the ingredient (tomato) and equipment (pot, sieve, ice in a bowl, etc), or the final inspiring dish served with sauce (below).
And, I want each cropped image to look intriguing to the reader.

Software I love to use:

Software that works really well with images and one I highly recommend is Canva.

I like to think of Canva as the visual side of my business. This powerful program lets you design almost everything you need, including videos.
Every image you see on this page and throughout the DFY Recipes website has been further tweaked and cropped using Canva software.

I also use Canva’s templates, which, once they are designed to something I like, are kept in a folder to use over and over again.
You may have noticed, that even though the images are different in this post, two of my image templates are the same.
Having access to lots of templates is one of many advantages with Canva’s PRO account.

Creating video from Canva

Another bonus to signing up for the  PRO account is the ability to quickly make videos using your images. 

This video, Lemon Marinated Pork with Orange Sauce was made in Canva.
Once it’s created, upload to your YouTube account, or include a link on your post or next newsletter.

Building connections with video using LOOM

We all love to hear the voices of those behind the blog posts so another favorite of mine is Loom.
This software tool lets you record directly from your screen and when you’ve finished, it generates a link.

Now it’s easy to drop that link into your emails, newsletters, social media, website, and anywhere else to showcase your hard work.

Just like making a video in Canva, you can also upload a Loom video to your YouTube channel.

Here’s an example from my YouTube channel:  How Loom Can Enhance Your Food Blogging Business.

Using Canva and Loom for your subscriber freebies:

This is where you can play all day long. The list of possibilities is endless, so here are a few to help get you started.
  • Add a personal thank you to subscribers, using Loom video, or show them your next project using their 3-D flip book capabilities,
  • Design a printable in Canva that your readers can download from your website. This could be a printed recipe card, a recipe journal, or a weekly meal planner.  
  • Add pretty graphics and background paper from Creative Fabrica, Design Cuts, or Prettygrafik for your eye-catching project, and . . . WOW, you’ve just created a whole lot of unique content. 😊

Here’s to all your amazing creative projects being as exciting as these Oxtail Vegetable Soup cubes were for our pups!

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