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How to make your blog and recipes stand out from all the others

In this post, we’ll dip into 3 ways you can help run your blog behind the scenes and make it pop!

It’s not easy to make your blog and each recipe post be the best one to read out there.
For starters, you need dedicated time and hard work with long hours to learn how to get some of the most essential pieces of your blogging business figured out.
The good news . . .  it is possible with a little stickiness from Sticky Blogging!

There are three parts to this post AND a FREE workshop!

  1. Traffic, and why you need it
  2. What makes a blog post STICKY?
  3. SEO: what it means for you
  4. FREE 1-hour live event workshop

My personal learning experience from taking both Sticky Blogging courses helped me understand how and why these important nuts and bolts fit into blogging, and I hope they do for you too.
This is an affiliate post and I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Just getting started with your blogging journey?

Pick these 2 and get a head start!

  1. Take a look at Kelly’s FREE 1-hour live event and learn what she offers in Sticky Blogging to make your posts even better.
    The event is only held once or twice a year, so grab this huge opportunity while you can.
    (Valid until May 27 and then it’s gone.)
  2. I recommend signing up for Sticky Blogging’s 5-day FREE Email series.
    You’ll learn so much about traffic and how it can change your blogging game plan any time you’re ready.

Learn more:

Traffic, and why you need it

Now that your post is out in the world, it’s time to get some traffic!

Yes, email your subscriber list and let them know you’ve got a new recipe, create a pin – or two, and pop a note in Twitter and your FaceBook groups, because all of these are getting you traffic.

I took Kelly’s 5-day FREE Email series and learned how to figure out how to write fewer blog posts and still get the traffic I needed.

I was gently surprised.
Not only did I understand how little I knew, but also what needed to be my focus going forward.

What makes a blog post STICKY ?

A sticky blog post is one that hits all the buttons for both readers and a search engine.
That means headings have a keyword or two, the first paragraph has similar keywords, and you are answering a problem for someone – yay!

Take an easy brunch recipe for example.
When you type in ‘how do I poach an egg?’ you expect and only want to see answers to your question.
Everything else in your way is annoying.

You’ll naturally scroll down until a heading catches your eye, open that link and begin reading.
If you feel this won’t answer your question, you’ll more than likely move on to the next suggestion.

The blog post that met your needs and answered the question the best, and showed some images, was more than likely, ‘sticky.’

How did that person do it?
The answer isn’t as quick as 1-2-3, but with the tools from Sticky Blogging Master Class, you can do this!

To learn more, join a Sticky Blogging FREE 1-hour live event.

These are held once, sometimes twice, a year so you have a small window of opportunity. 
And the best part is, this is not your typical free event – YOU WILL LEARN a few tips and techniques!

SEO: what it means for you

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process where you are improving your posts so they are recognized and visible amongst all that extra noise and traffic.

SEO takes time and practice to learn but it means your website becomes an authority in your area of recipe or baking expertise.
Search engines only want to send traffic and make suggestions for readers that they too trust.

Kelly’s course on Sticky SEO shows how to make your SEO posts sticky which helps your posts and out of it, I understood SEO better.
I’m still learning, but this course was worth my time.

A collage of journaling and recipes

And last but not least, here's a FREE 1-hour LIVE event

Choose your best day and time between May 17 – 27 (as it’s only open for a short time) and see what Sticky Blogging is all about!
I’ve taken this class and once again, it changed my approach to writing blog posts.

What I loved best:

  • Bite-sized pieces of information
  • Easy to understand, practical points
  • Everything made sense!

We hope you enjoy learning these new blogging tips.

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