A series of 5 photos from various recipes

As bloggers, we use tools to help give us an edge so we stand out from the crowd with our differences.

To help you, I’ve put together a list of companies I use often and really like.

Why do so many of these offer the same thing?

With many companies to choose from, you get the advantage of mixing and matching your items to get the look you want.

This works in your best interest and here’s why:

No matter if you’re creating a free product or a paid one, you want and need your theme and personal style to show through. 
And food bloggers have so many different printable ideas they can create for their store:

  • shopping lists
  • journals
  • diaries
  • planners
  • themed activities
  • and so much more . . . 

Or, maybe you’re building an email list and need a free download – 10 Easy Ways to Use Parsley.

Even better, perhaps you picked up our FREE DIY Peeled Tomato recipe and want to promote it with a download printable.

That means you’ll need to start with a wish list before you can begin to create.
Here’s what I mean:

  • red and white checkered background paper
  • water color tomato images that both complement and contrast red, especially after looking at that color wheel.
  • two different fonts that make everything pop off the screen.

Somewhere, amongst all of these is exactly what you need and that’s why we have so many that offer similar products!

  • Canva

    CANVA is my go-to favorite for all image creations you see on my website. I have the PRO account and am always thrilled whenever they update and add more features.

  • Creative Fabrica

    CREATIVE FABRICA has both the free and paid versions for their fonts and graphics. Free means you need to visit the website and pick up their daily gifts or discount deals and graphics are limited. The paid version is a monthly membership which I recommend. You'll get so much more selection and won't spend time looking for daily specials.

  • Creative Market

    Open an account at CREATIVE MARKET and see what they can offer your business. I've bought bundles and packs from them and love their free weekly items too. Best of all, they now have a membership program to save you time agonizing over which one is the best to pick up.

  • Design Cuts

    Open an account with DESIGN CUTS and get free graphics with commercial use emailed to you each week, or pay for what you need when you visit their website. The selection of high-quality graphics is worth your time to visit. They also sell brushes for software.

  • Ecover Authority

    ECOVER AUTHORITY is a software program that generates 3-D book covers for your products. They make your product look amazing in a post or on a store shelf. The software is easy to use and I like the classy look.

  • EZ Pub Profits

    EZ PUB PROFITS is one of my go-to's for printable templates. This is a monthly membership that delivers templates 2 months ahead. For example, in December you'll receive Valentine's ideas. At first glance some of these may not seem food related, but with a little creativity you can add your own twist. For example, include a couple of easy recipes with the printable for that next 10-pin bowling party- yay!

  • Loom

    LOOM has both free and paid versions to help you create video from your screen. It’s also fabulous for recording flip pages that highlight your product. A new feature, Stitch, allows you to add extra video to an existing one, saving you time without re-recording.

  • PLR Planners

    PLR PLANNERS is where I first learned how to use Power Point to make planners and journals I could sell in my store. They have download printable and digital products, as well as software tools. Click on the heart icon and get YOUR FREE PLR planner.

  • Pretty Grafik

    I love PRETTY GRAFIK because they have so many cute, colorful illustrations to choose from for your planners and journals. I bought the lifetime access and am pleased I did. They also have FREEBIES if you want to take a look.

  • Sedja

    SEDJA has both free and paid versions to convert your PDF’s or resize documents. I recommend and use the paid version and am a happy customer. What I love about Sejda is how easy it is to flatten and compress my download printable products.

  • Sticky Blogging

    Try a 5-day FREE Email series or learn how to conquer the fear of SEO and what it takes to make a blog post awesome in courses from STICKY BLOGGING. Note: Sticky Blogging is instructor-led and only held once or twice a year. Link takes you to the free 5-day Email series.

5 vertical photos of the ginger-peppercorn drizzled grapefruit recipe pack

More on Canva!

Canva is the tool I use most throughout my website. 

I have the PRO version because their added features and templates are amazing.

Canva’s tools help me build videos and photo collages like the one on your right.

Canva helps me save time with templates I can re-use.

I’m organized with a dedicated brand kit of fonts and colors.

Take a look and see if Canva is the right fit for you.

A selection of images from the recipe pack
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