Turkey Grain Dog Treats

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A close up of the slow-baked Turkey Grain DogTreats
Slices of Turkey Grain Dog Treats ready for slow baking
A close up of a pile of Turkey Grain Dog treats

Turkey Grain Dog Treats are healthy, low in fat, and high in fiber. 

This loaf stays moist with butternut squash and sweet potato, and there’s an extra protein boost from black beans and quinoa. 
Add a little cheese for an extra-delicious treat, and your dog will love these.

Perfect for summer-time hikes.
If your pooch prefers crunchy treats and you have leftovers, slice the remaining loaf then twice-bake the squares.
When cool, store treats in an airtight container. 

I love this recipe because:

  • These treats are crammed with wholesome ingredients.
  • As this is a two-part recipe, you could always serve the moist loaf first,  then bake left-overs as treats later.
  • Homemade dog treats make a fantastic birthday gift for your pooch, or their friends. Bake the treats, allow to cool, gift wrap, then add a tag.
  • Kids will enjoy making this recipe for their furry friend.
  • You can promote this recipe year-round, but it also makes a fantastic summer-time recipe idea for family hikes and camping trips.

With these photos and an easy recipe, you’ll be able to walk your readers through the steps, showing them that their pup loves to eat healthy too. 

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a collage of 27 images from the recipe pack for Turkey Grain Dog Treats
Recipe PLUS pack: 27 of the 118 in-process and plated images
A selection of images from the Turkey Grain Dog Treat recipe pack

This is an ideal dog-friendly recipe that can be made year-round, but is especially great for promoting over summer with other camping prep recipes.

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A vertical collage of images from the Turkey Grain Dog Treats recipe pack

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6 images from the Turkey Grain Dog treats recipe

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Diced cheese from the recipe Turkey Grain Dog Treats
A close up of a pile of Turkey Grain Dog treats

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A close up of the sliced loaf before being baked into Turkey Grain Dog Treats
Treat your dog to a slice of moist loaf or . . .
Slices of Turkey Grain Dog Treats ready for slow baking
bake into tasty treats.
Cooper our dog, eating Turkey Grain Dog Treats
Image not included, but these passed the taste-test.