Whole Baked Herb & Lemon Red Snapper

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Baked Herb and Lemon Whole Red Snapper recipe showing fish on a platter

Introducing our Baked Herb & Lemon Whole Red Snapper recipe pack

Baked Herb & Lemon Whole Red Snapper is one of those recipes you find in a restaurant and it always tastes amazing.
Now you can do this at home for family or guests and it’s easy. You’ll have a healthy, delicious dish on the table in under 60 minutes.

What I love about this recipe is how stunning a whole baked snapper looks on a platter surrounded by fresh cut lemon and maybe a mixed green salad. Fish baked this way is easy to eat.

Sharing this dish between two is casual and fun. Grab a fork and enjoy delicate flavors of herbs and lemon combined with a light dusting of salt and pepper. 

If sharing isn’t an option, scrape away the skin and lift the fillet away.
Place on a warm serving plate. Remove the skeleton to expose the other fillet beneath. Lift the second fillet away and add to the serving plate. 
Garnish with fresh herbs and lemon slices.

With these photos and the recipe you’ll be able to walk your readers through the steps and show them this is an extra-special dish, perfect for brunch or a special occasion and for guests or family.

Fresh herbs about to be stuffed into the fish cavity.

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A collage of 10 in-process and plated recipes available in the regular recipe pack
Recipe pack: 10 of the 12 in-process and plated images
A collage of 27 photos from the Baked Herb & Lemon Whole Snapper recipe
Recipe PLUS pack: 27 of the 87 in-process and plated images

We also suggest an oil-free option of steaming the fish.
Both packs have this image so you can do the same.

Snapper ready to be steamed, wrapped in parchment paper

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5 vertical photos of the Herb Lemon Baked Whole Snapper recipe

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Image of fish drizzled in olive oil
Close up of whole bake fish
5 photos of the Baked Herb and Lemon recipe pack

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Recipe (12 images)

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A whole baked fish is served on a platter